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March 10, 2018  

EP40: PE & Technology

March 10, 2018

This week, Mindy and Jonathan call upon the help of Kari Bullis and Ryan Gotto to help discuss ways that technology can be used in PE by both teacher and students. Jonathan gets wisdom teeth removed and Mindy is still listening to crime podcasts. Show notes at

News & Followup

-Checkmark Chrome extension gets customizable comments
-Book Creator for Chrome adds real time collaboration
-Twitter launches bookmarks, a private way to save tweets
-ViewPure now offers curated playlists

Main Course

PE and Technology with Kari Bullis (@BullisKari) and Ryan Gotto (@RGottoLM).

-Google Forms
-Sworkit Kids
-Jammin Minutes
-MakeGif Chrome Extension
-The PhysEd Google Drive folder:

Tech Nuggets
-Mystery Doug
-Microsoft Soundscape
-Merge Cube

Podcast Picks

-Akimbo by Seth Godin
-In the Dark

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