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March 6, 2017  

EP22: Coaching Conversations

March 6, 2017

In this episode, Mindy and Jonathan are joined by tech coaches and instructional coaches from local schools to discuss life as an educational coach. New tech nuggets are included in this episode, and so are Jonathan's podcast picks.



  • CoSpaces adds camera and export, iOS creation
  • Video options for YouTube videos in Slides, just like for Drive Videos
  • Spiral Clip - another great addition to the Spiral suite of formative assessment tools


New Menu Items

  • New iPads coming soon...?


Main Course: Coaching Conversations

A BIG thank you to Anna, Andrea, Jeff, Andrew and Frank for taking the time to talk to us on this special episode of the Edtech Take Out. Follow these guys on Twitter if you want to learn more or continue the coaching conversation.


Tech Nuggets


Wylie's Podcast Picks


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